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About Us

Welcome to Blue Rayne Creations! My name is Blue, and I am the founder of this natural remedies company. I started this company after my daughter suffered from asthma, allergies, and eczema. As a mother, I felt helpless watching my daughter suffer from these ailments despite trying numerous conventional treatments. After years of trying conventional medications and treatments, I began to research and experiment with natural remedies to find the best ways to improve my daughter's health. 

Determined to help my daughter find relief, I began researching and experimenting with natural remedies. I found a body butter recipe that was effective in soothing my daughter's skin, and I continued to study and experiment with herbs that could improve her lung health.

My daughter made a full recovery and no longer has to see her pulmonologist. The positive effects of our natural remedies inspired friends and family to show interest in our products, and that's when Blue Rayne Creations was born.

At Blue Rayne Creations, we pride ourselves on providing natural, safe, and effective remedies to our customers. Our goal is to help individuals who suffer from ailments to find relief and improve their overall well-being. Our products are made with natural ingredients that have been researched and tested for their effectiveness.

We hope our natural remedies can provide you with the relief you need, just as they have for my daughter and many others. Thank you for choosing Blue Rayne Creations.